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Next Door Male Video – Trevor Wright

Another great week and time for one more next door male video to be brought to you guys. In this video, we have another recruit that makes his first ever appearance on cameras. His name is Trevor Wright and his body is all ready to be enjoyed by you guys. Like the guys from fraternityx videos, Trevor here is packing quite the big cock so you’ll get to see him stroke on that bad boy with all his might today. He did say that he usually has trouble fining partners because of his big dick, but he’s always down to do a showdown or just simply show off as he’s masturbating solo.

And masturbating solo is just what he’s going to do today for your guys’ viewing pleasure. You just have to see this hunk as he masturbates furiously with his expert hands. Watch him stoke that big cock of his with all that he’s got until he can’t hold it in anymore and then blows off his big jizz load all over the place. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy watching him do his thing today and we’d also like to remind you to check out the past nextdoormale updates too. there’s quite allot to see.

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Next Door Male Video – James Huntsman

We promised some new stuff, and here we are keeping our promise. For today we bring you a next door male video featuring the guy that we had a few updates ago all ready to make his comeback. You guessed it it’s the guy with his incredible collection of vehicles, and we’re honestly really proud to have him back once again. For this one he was really happy as well to star in his very own short movie and to show off his self pleasuring skills once again. As for the scene itself? Well it’s taking place just like last time.

We couldn’t part him away from his garage so we had to compromise. Oh we also forgot to tell you his name. He’s name is James Huntsman and he said that he’d be looking forward to shooting more with nextdoormale soon. But let’s get back to the show. Again you can see him taking off his clothes in his garage massaging his muscled body as he makes his way down to his cock. For this one however he takes a seat on his favorite motorbike for his jerk off. He really likes that bike and he’s always happy to masturbate while sitting on it. Enjoy guys, and if you liked it check out chaosmen website and have fun watching other gorgeous men getting naked for you in front of the camera!

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Marco Ratillo Exposed

In this next door male update for our gallery section we have one more great addition to our ever growing pantheon of horny guys packing serious cocks. Today we bring you Marco Ratillo a guy of Italian descent that knows how to give his viewers a good time every time he appears in his photo shoots. Today we wanted to let him do as he pleases in his scene so we just let him think about it. So he came up with this idea where he’d try out different outfits until he’d get horny enough to start jerking off in front of the cameras.

We liked the sound of his idea so we agreed to him and gave him everything he needs. So without further due, sit back guys and watch this sexy hunk as he admires his cock in different underwear until he does just as he sais, getting more and more turned on with each pair that he changes. When he’s really he goes fully nude and just lies on the floor while jerking off his big meat pole for your viewing pleasure. That’s about it for this one guys, like always keep your eyes peeled for the next nextdoormale updates, you won’t want to miss then since we have some special stuff in store for you.


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Next Door Male – Sonny Nash

Sonny Nash is today’s poster guy for one more of our trademark next door male updates. As you know by now we always aimed to bring you the horniest and hottest guys in every gallery and we would like to pride ourselves on the fact that we delivered on those terms every time. For this one we bring you another hot guy with a stiff cock that’s ready to have his close up shot for the cameras. Sonny here is quite the enthusiast of getting naked and showing off his big dick, as he always seems to be doing this when he’s alone at home.

Well we wanted to catch that on camera and the horny guy agreed as he said that he loves that feeling he gets when a camera is capturing his body from every angle, as well as his cock. So he takes a spot on his leopard skin couch to make himself comfortable and to pose in some sexy poses in which he puts that gorgeous body to use. Watch him as he sprawls himself all over it and even jerks off his cock a bit to tease you some more nextdoormale. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we will come back next week once again, so stay tuned guys. For other great gay sex videos visit website. See you soon, friends!


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Alexander Gustavo Behind Bars

Today’s next door male update is another special one. We have the super popular gay porn star Alexander Gustavo in his solo scene for everyone to see this time. Gustavo is a guy that starred in many many gay movies and pictures scenes and he always enjoys to pose for one given if he has the time. He’s also one of the most sought after studs to appear on camera and we had to have him too. Well for this one we did manage to pull some strings and get in touch with him to set up a meeting, and he was actually really happy to agree.

Once we’d agreed on a date, it was all set and all he had to do was to show up at the studio. His scene involves him taking the role of a prisoner and showing off just how horny guys spend their extra time when they get bored. He gets undressed on his bunk bed and lays on his back with his cock being all big and hard right from the start. Watch his as he starts to masturbate furiously for the camera and enjoy seeing him blow his load all over himself today. Again we hope you enjoyed the nextdoormale scene and be sure we’ll have more for you next time. If you liked this cute guy check out website and enjoy watching other muscled men getting naked in front of the camera!


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Next Door Male – Edward Prince

Edward Prince is here to star in our next door male gallery of pictures for the day. He may look a bit shy but don’t let yourself fooled by his appearance at first. This horny stud isn’t also nick named the prince of solo shoots as well for nothing. You see he’s always being recruited by different studios to star in his very own solo shoots since he has a gift to make them come out incredibly well. And we’re sure as hell proud to have him here today starring in this gallery for now. You’ll see just what we mean when we say that this guy knows how to do his job.

The scene is to take part in a shower room with just him alone with his body doing just what he knows how to do best, pose around naked and jerk off on his big cock in front of the cameras. So without further delays let’s see him get to work on his solo shoot. As he enters the shower he offers some great poses while the hot water pours down on his sexy nude body before grabbing onto his cock and slowly starting to masturbate. So watch his jerk off for your viewing pleasure today guys. We hope we’ll have him over here soon once more. Visit website and have fun watching some great galleries featuring another sexy guy.


Watch here Eduard pleasing his hard cock in the shower!

James’ Alone Time

Another great next door male update brought to you guys with one more talented dude that’s going to show off his masturbation skills just for you. The guy in question is named James and he’s very much a car and motorcycle enthusiast. He sais there’s something about seeing all these vehicles that simply turns him on. Well it’s no wonder that he usually goes to his garage for his self pleasing sessions actually. He’s got quite a collection of said vehicles, from ATV’s to some very powerful sports cars that he’s really proud of.

He built them all with his own two hands and he sais that he wouldn’t give them away for the world. But we digress. Today he can be found in his garage once again admiring his collection and getting more and more turned on. Soon enough he takes off all of his clothes and reveals one impressive body that’s sure to make other guys jealous. And with that he just starts to jerk off while standing up, as he loves the feeling of doing this while he’s watching his collection. So enjoy his masturbations session today guys and see you next week. And if you liked this nextdoormale update and you are looking for similar videos and galleries you can check out website. See you soon!


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Next Door Male – Ass Fuck

Next door male here with one more sizzling hot and sexy update. Today we have a guy that’s very much into self pleasuring himself whenever he has some time to spare, and for this fine day he choose to show off his fetish with the cameras and implicitly you guys. In this scene we’ve given him one of his favorite toys and we’ve let him do his thing in a private room. Well private except for the camera. And you will see just how impressive this guy’s fetish is in this scene that we have prepared all for your viewing pleasure today guys.

He takes his spot on the king size bed and before doing anything else, he massages his sexy body just to get himself in the perfect mood to play around with his toys. And once he’s prepared he pulls out his trusty dildo, for starters shoving that big bad boy deeply in his ass as he moans in pleasure. Well he likes this because this way he can control the speed and how deep that rubber cock reaches inside his ass. So watch him fuck himself with the toy and see him jerking off today just for you. We’ll be back with more nextdoormale next time so stay tuned guys! Until then you can visit website and have fun watching some hot shemales stretching their tight asses.


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Slate Steele – Hard Workout

Hey there again guys, next door male here with one more update. Today we have another muscular stud enjoying some alone time with his body and only the cameras. And he intends to show off every inch of his body, he doesn’t want to hide anything as he’s pretty proud of it. The scene itself takes place in a locker room and he’s in the role of this sports player that enjoys his solo session when all of his buddies left for home. So without further due, let’s see just what this horny guy is going to do for you.

At the beginning of the shoot he starts to take off his sports outfit piece by piece while posing around and giving you some nice views of his shredded body and perfect ass. He then starts to jerk off while standing in front of the mirror admiring himself as he strokes his big cock. Afterwards he takes a seat on that bench there so that he may have an easier time going faster and harder on his dick. Enjoy the nextdoormale scene with this horny guy everyone and we’ll be seeing you again next week once more. Bye bye! If you want to see other muscle hunks jerking off their monster tools, come inside blog. Enjoy!


See this horny hunk jerking off his cock in the locker!

Next Door Male – Marcus Mojo

In this next door male update we have a treat for you. The guy that’s fully featured in this solo gallery is none other than the super popular gay porn star Marcus Mojo, one of the hottest and sexy teen guys from the internet. And he’s here today in this special update to show off his body and jerking off skills for your viewing pleasure. We had some troubles getting hold of him as he’s a very busy guy, always shooting a photo gallery or starring in a sex movie. We did have to place a few calls to him, but eventually he got back to us and we told him that we’d want him to appear in one of our scenes.

It actually didn’t take long for him to think it over. Actually he just grabbed his agenda and looked for a free spot in his busy schedule just for us. When he did find a fate, he penciled out shoot in on the spot and we had an agreement. When the day of the shooting came he was a great addition to all of our incredible nextdoormale content. So watch his as he gets completely naked for the camera and starts to pose around nude showing of his goods. And as a treat he’s also doing his workout routine all naked just so you can enjoy the sight of that sexy body.


See this hot stud doing push ups completely naked!

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