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Next Door Male – Wes James

We don’t know from where these guys keep on showing up but damn. The next door male of the day is Wes James and he has a really nice scene for you guys. The hot hunk had the house all for himself so he decided to have some fun and play a bit with his fat dick. All of his house mates were out and he had the place for the entire afternoon and he made the best out of it. When you see Wes for the first time you can’t really tell that he’s into dudes or that he would ever have the guts to pose naked in front of strangers. But as you are going to find out, Wes is full of surprises and the jock is here to surprise us one more time.

First of all, just seeing Wes naked should make your day a lot better. The hot hunk was in the living room on the couch, ready for a bit more. Wes James isn’t the type of guy to let his fans hanging so he went all the way through and besides jacking off he also tried out his toy collection. Everyday is a good day to get your ass hammered, that’s the golden rule that Wes has. Below you have just a little preview to give you an idea of what is about to happen but as you read earlier there’s a lot happening and you better check it all out below. Enjoy it and see you soon!


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Hot Male Gabriel Lenfant

Our next door male, well he’s actually a really hot male, is sexy Gabriel Lenfant. The hot hunk shared with us his latest photos that he took while he was completely naked in the locker room. We kept on sharing home made scenes with you guys so today we have something a bit different. Besides having an athlete, the scene takes place in a locker room. The jock wants to surprise us all and he does it in the best way possible with a pretty nasty update. The jock just finished his workout and being that he was the first one that finished he had the locker room for a bit. After he took a shower he started fooling around in front of the camera.

He was already butt naked so why not take advantage of the situation and take a few more picture for you guys. Hot Gabriel took off that towel and offered us a preview we won’t forget too soon. He showed off that fat dick and after he teased us with it for a bit he started jerking off as well, just for you. But you know this isn’t all because Gabriel continued with the fun in his own way and we get to see it all in the gallery below so be sure to click the link below if you want to see it entirely. Hope you guys like it and will return for more nextdoormale gay porn updates tomorrow because we have so many things to share with you!


Enjoy watching this guy posing naked in the locker room!

Next Door Male – Tyler Torro

You didn’t actually thought that we didn’t have another next door male ready, right? Tyler Torro is the hunk we have today and he’s ready to show off his dick just for you. The ripped jock is looking for a nwe career and being a porn actor really caught his eye. There was something that caught his eye and made him curious to try it out. Maybe it was because he could do everything he does anyway and get paid for it. Like any normal guy, Tyler loves wanking off his dick and he does it as often as he can, but lately he had a camera with him also recording everything.

Today’s nextdoormale scene was shoot outdoor in his backyard because the jock wanted to change the background, he was sick of his bedroom, most of his updates happen in his bedroom so it was time for a little change. Either way we are happy to see him naked once more ready to show off that rock hard body and his tattoos for us. Tyler started by jerking off his dick but then he brought some toys to the scene too. It’s been such a long since the last time we saw him stuffing that fine little ass of his and we can’t want to see it all. There’s a little video in there for you guys as well so make sure you check it all out to see what Tyler does next and also stay close to see what comes next from your favorite jocks!


Take a look at Tyler posing butt naked!

Connor Maguire Solo

Connor Maguire is solo, all by himself and the next door male has something really nice prepared for us. Connor just like the guy before him is here to make some fast bucks and nothing gets you that cash faster than pleasing yourself for other guys. Everyone knows that gay porn gotta be the best way to make cash. This is actually a win win situation, because the guys get the cash and we all get to see them go to work. It’s really fun to see just how far they are willing to go for that money. Connor keep it simple, this isn’t his first meeting with the camera, so he knows what should be done. He begins by teasing us a bit with his great body as he started playing with himself.

Then the hot hunk goes in the bed where the actual show begins as he shows off his fat dick to the camera. He knows that’s why we are all here so he made sure that he teased us really nice before. Now things are finally start to move for us as Connor gets more serious about it and starts jerking off in front of the camera too. Let’s face it, that’s the only reason we are all here waiting to see him wank his fat dick. This was all but make sure you see the rest of the next door males in action in the previous updates and stay tunned for more!


See this hot jock pleasing himself!

Next Door Male – Tom Lansing

This next door male is ready for his casting video. This explains why he’s all by himself in the bedroom wanking off his hard dick in front of the rolling camera. Tom was in a bit of a problem, he had some debts that needed to be paid and he didn’t have any money at all. It was pretty big amount of money so his friends couldn’t help at all. After thinking about it for a bit he decided to give gay porn a try. It wasn’t his first pick but if he did only solo scenes it was fine with him. Although it might seem hard to believe Tom is a straight guy, a broke straight guy trying out for a gay role.


Tom knows that they are always looking for gay actors so this was the only way to get that cash that fast. The other day he closed himself in the bedroom, turned on the camera and started his career as an actor. Tom took off his clothes, posed a bit in front of the lens and then stared doing what he knows best. Every guy loves wanking off his dick, so this was Tom’s favorite part, after a bit he even forgot about the camera and got in the right mood. See our guy Tom in action in the scene below and who knows maybe in the future Tom might actually try a scene with another guy. We can only hope!

Check out sexy Tom wanking off his dick!

Campbell Stevens Jerking Off

We have Campbell Stevens jerking off and you already know that once we have a next door male around it’s going to be a hot scene. Campbell isn’t like most of the guys, he doesn’t waste too much time on foreplay so get ready to finally see a scene were it’s all about the action. Campbell’s scene is going to get you though the entire day, you can thank us later. The hot hunk has some crazy pics ready for us and as you can see below, there area a few dick close ups. Having that camera right between his legs really got us some nasty pics. But we know that you want to see the hot hunk in action, so we’re going to show you just that.

In the few pics he took off his clothes, showing off his ripped body and after that, he started wanking off that fat dick and finished by cumming all over his rock hard abs. This is just a little preview and we are going to let you find out the rest for yourself. Hopefully you are going to love this as much as we did because we don’t think that there’s anyone there that doesn’t enjoy seeing a hunk pleasing himself! We will be back next time with more hunks in action in the nextdoormale updates. There are a few more surprises for you guys so be sure you return to check them out!


Watch here this hot hunk jerking off his hard dick!

Next Door Male – Mario Torrez

Mario Torrez, the next door male, had a blast in his backyard the other day. Mario was enjoying this sunny day when he decided to wank off his hard dick while he was still there. We just can’t get enough of these nextdoormale in action, seeing them pleasing themselves and jerking off their dicks. This gotta make your day better , for us it did the trick. Especially seeing Marion butt naked, gotta get things moving for you guys. Mario has to be one of the hottest hunks we have around here and only seeing him naked should get all nice and hard. But Mario spiced things up a bit more, he didn’t want just to strip. The jock hard to play with his dick for a bit too before going indoors.

These guys like testing their luck with their neighbors from the looks of it. Mario had neighbors left and right so was a bit under pressure and that made things even more interesting. You know how these guys love playing with their boundaries. Mario offered us a great warm up and once he finished jerking off his dick outside he had a turn at his ass in his bedroom. You didn’t actually thought that Mario stopped the fun there and the great news is that he shared it all with us. Below you got the entire gallery so make sure you check it all out to see Mario getting it down also check out some of the other next door guys!


Take a look at Mario jerking off his dick outdoor!

Wrestler Anthony Romero

Our next door male, Anthony Romero, shared with us his latest scene straight from the gym. He was training the other day when he had the great idea. What’s better after a rough training that an intense jerking off session? Anthony takes his work really seriously but once that is over he also enjoys relaxing. So each time he has the gym all to himself he takes full advantage of the situation. This is one of those really lucky day when everyone left a bit earlier and right after he finished the workout he noticed that he was alone in there. It was late in the night so no one was going to return to the gym. This isn’t the first time Anthony has done this so he pretty knows the right hours to do these type of things. Once he was sure that he was alone the horny hunk started taking off his clothes and playing with himself.

That hard dick really needs some attention and that fine ass too. Although he was alone he found a way to nail his ass. He glued a dildo to a mirror and started stuffing his tight ass while recording it all for you guys. This gotta be the first guy to ever try something like this.  Enjoy it and see you guys next time with another nextdoormale porn scene to see even more jocks naked and in action. See you guys next time!


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Next Door Male – Jack King

Jack King, the next door male, had a bit of fun today. He ended up having some fun all by himself in the bathroom stall, jerking off his dick. He went out with his friends the other night and after having a couple of drinks he just couldn’t keep it in his pants. He tried finding a guy to help him out with his little problem but with no luck. All the guys were either taken or not really his type. We know that he shouldn’t be that picky for a one night stand but that’s how Jack is. Seeing that nothing is changing for him Jack had to take care of everything all by himself. He couldn’t wait to get home so he went to the bathroom to take care of that hard dick.

Luckily there wasn’t anyone there so he had the place all to himself. His clothes came off really fast and before you know he was butt naked in the bathroom stall jacking off his fat dick. We know that you guys are going to love seeing this nextdoormale in action. Just look at him how hot he is, we know that you want to see it all and we have some great news for you. Below you are going to find the entire picture gallery so get ready to see some really nasty pictures of the horny hunk in action in the bathroom stall. Enjoy this next door porn scene!


Enjoy watching this jock wanking off his dick!

Next Door Guy Alexi Exavier

This time the next door male had a steamy scene outdoor. If you ever thought that our hunk are shy you are so wrong. Alexis is the best proof of that, look at him posing butt naked in the middle of his backyard. It’s been a minute since the last outdoor scene so we are happy to bring one here today. The next door hunk was busy outside with his field work but it was getting hotter and hotter outside so he started undressing. First it was his shirt but he never stopped undressing. Although he has neighbors he didn’t stop undressing until he was butt naked. Now that he’s completely naked there’s only one thing to do and you guys are going to love this one.

The jock started waking off his dick right there in the middle of the open field. We know that you all want to see him in action and that’s why we brought you all the pictures so you can enjoy the entire thing. There’s a lot to cover but we know that you guys will love seeing this hunk in action and you gotta wait till the end to see him cum all over the place. You are going to love it, trust us. There are a lot of next door males around here to check out so make sure you check them out until we return next time for more horny guys getting down and dirty in hot scenes!


Watch here this guy posing completely naked outdoor!

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