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Next Door Male – Zack Lemec

Zack Lemec, the next door male, took things to a whole other level. He didn’t just strip, no, he posed butt naked in public. During his vacation he promised that he was going to take a few pictures for you guys. We thought that he was going to take a few pics in his hotel room but no, he had to go butt naked in the middle of nowhere instead. They were taking a tour of the island when Zack had the great idea of taking some nude pictures on this rock. The hot hunk didn’t have a lot of clothes to take off, just his shorts and his tee and there you have him gents, butt naked ready for his photo shoot. As you can tell he wasn’t alone during it all and the jock was with a close friend that helped him out and became the vacation photographer.

Zack offered us some amazing pictures with a great view but none of us are interested in the view. We all want to see the hot jock getting undressed and ready for some fun. Unfortunately he couldn’t stuff his ass in this one but we still got some great pictures of him jerking off in the middle of nowhere. No one passed by him while he was jerking off, they only saw him taking on his tee but the rest is between us two. Hope you like as well!


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