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Next Door Male – Bobby Bull

You guys remember Bobby Bull right? He was our next door male a few updates ago and because he did such a great job we had to have him again. That great scene he had needed a part two and as you can see Bobby didn’t waste time and he’s ready to start another jerking off session for you guys. The hot tattooed hunk can’t wait to tease you guys again, a bit, don’t get worried. He has to show off that great body, it would be such a waste if he didn’t. The guy taking the pictures knows what he’s doing so get ready to see a lot of great things. As you know around here at nextdoormale it can’t be a complete scene without a little jerking off.


All the hot guys around here have to do it and that’s pretty much why we are all here. Not that seeing their bodies isn’t nice, it is, but we want more, a bit more. Hot Bobby knew how things go around here, like we said earlier this isn’t his first scene around here and hopefully not the last either. Bobby hurried up stripping off and once he had his hands on that dick he did what he knows best and that’s jerking off, except this time there was someone recording him, but he barely noticed him after he got started. Hope you like it as much as we did and that you will return to see more gay porn scenes!

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